PayPal Verification Virtual Credit Card

PayPal, the payment system in the virtual world can be verified with a virtual credit card or Virtual Credit Card or VCC. How it can be done? Let us refer to the following blog post.

verifikasi paypal dengan vcc

PayPal can be used to make payments if we have mem-verify it with a Credit Card or Debit Card. If it is not, we only can use it to accept payment only

But almost no Debit Card issue in Indonesian banks which can be used to verify PayPal, although the first was Bank of Commerce with its Visa Electron can do. For users who do not have Credit Card, This step can be done, and guaranteed success. Is it?

Virtual Credit Card (VCC) answer. With $ 7,5 You can only verify your PayPal mem-.

Only by doing some of the steps that will be guided by the seller VCC (Ms. Goddess) level by level.
Just as Ms. goddess guided me step-by-step following.

c@rd number : 4788XXXXXXXXXXXX
Expiry Date : XX/08 (mm/yy)
CVV2 : XX3

palupi.dewi: Step Verify Paypal:
#1. Log in your Paypal
#2. klik “Add Credit Card”
#3. Fill me with the data above VCC
#4. Fill in "name and address" of your original data in accordance paypal
#5. Press the button "Add Card"
#6. Tekan Tombol “Save and Continue” —> The most important part!!!
#7. BUZZ counts
#8. store all the data above VCC to "Notepad",because it is useful if a time paypal ask

full card number!!
Make sure you've done step 6!!!
palupi.dewi: follow 8 above step yaw ...

Of course, the card number is what you get after you buy VCC to Ms. Goddess, simply by transferring 75.000 dollars to account Mandiri or BCA as appropriate given Ms. Goddess. As promised Ms. Goddess sbelum purchases VCC, bingo..
PayPal ku verified.

Thanks for mbak Dewi Cakep
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