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Content Service Provider does provide many advantages, but not a few of the content provider that actually gives a loss. This is when the content provided is no longer desired by mobile phone users. Many cell phone users have been troubled by the content provider that automatically extend its services without confirmation that ultimately interfere with cell phone users.

On this page, we will provide some information on how to STOP the content provider. For those of you who know or want to contribute to helping the community to stop the service content providers to provide data service STOP, please comment on this page. Thank you, May be useful.

STOP BlackBerry Services :

  • STOP BlackBerry Internet Service On Demand Indosat : Type STOP send to 889
  • STOP BlackBerry Internet Service Telkomsel, type : BB(spaces)STOP and send to 333
  • STOP BlackBerry Internet Service 3 (three), type : STOP send to 234
  • STOP BlackBerry Internet Service XL, type : BB(spaces)off send to 568
  • STOP BlackBerry Internet Service Axis, type : STOP send to 222

UNREG Ringback Services :

  • Telkomsel NSP 1212, type: RING(spaces)OFF Send to 1212
  • Mentari, type : STOP send to 808
  • Starone type : STOP send to: 808
  • Indosat M3 tap : STOP send to 808
  • Ringback ESIA, type : RING(spaces)Unsub send to 888
  • XL, type : Unsub send to 1818

STOP Other Services :

STOP send to (service number) (eg : services from eating 123xx numbers send sms STOP to 123xx)

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