Setting Profil Modem, APN, Username and Password

Access Point or APN (Access Point Name) is the name or identity of the device used for access point network connection, in this case is the connection to the Internet. APN needed for the access point to the modem device each network operator. Without the APN will not be able to connect to the modem correctly (our computer) with a particular network provider internet data. Just as when we use a hotspot or wifi, we must choose the appropriate access point.

While the username and password are the user name and password that is used to get connected to the APN or access point, as well as hotspots or wifi. Most operators do not use a username and password (vacated / not filled) such as Telkomsel Flash.

The settings can be set on each modems software, about where and how to enter settings for each profile can be seen in the modem user guide (user manual) each modem.

Here are some APN Settings (Access Point Name), Username (User), and Password (password) various operators are required for a GSM modem profile is compiled from official websites of each operator.

Telkomsel Flash Time Base

APN : flash

username : (Empty)

password : (Empty)

with this APN telkomsel homescreen will appear like this.

Telkomsel Flash Unlimited (Must be registered in advance *)

APN : internet

username : (Empty)

password : (Empty)

*check the status of the post SMS, UL tap(spaces)INFO, send to 3636

Telkomsel Flash Volume Base

APN : Telkomsel

username : (Empty)

password : (Empty)

Information please visit

Indosat Time Base 5000 (Reload use GPRS 5000)

APN : indosatgprs

username : indosatgprs

password : indosatgprs

Indosat M2

APN : indosat3g

username : Indosat

password : Indosat



username ; axis

password : 123456

Full info visit

3 (three) Volume Base

APN : 3gprs

username : 3gprs

password : 3gprs

3 (three) Unlimited (Paket Mau)

APN : 3data

username : 3data

password : 3data

Full info visit

XL Unlimited (must be registered in advance *)

APN : xlunlimited

username : (Empty)

password : (Empty)

XL Internet Instant (Tarif by kilobytes)


username :xlgprs

password : proxl

*Complete info visit

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