Service Sendiri Printer Canon Printer error P07 ( 5B 00 )

When we want to print with Canon printer suddenly on display printer displayed in quick succession E, P, 0, and 7 repeated. It states bverarti printer status Error P07 Ink Absorber Full meaning, so we need to reset the printer.

The trick, as follows.

Log in SERVICE MODE / SAVE MODE with the following steps.

  • Turn off your printer MP287, but did not disconnect the cable on the power of Electricity.
  • TEKAN raffle STOP / RESET, resistant
  • Power button until, resistant, is currently the second button is still depressed
  • Release the button Stop / Reset
  • Now in the POWER button is still depressed, push the button STOP / RESET much as 6x, warning lights will flash, responds to keystrokes that you do
  • If successful, The printer roller will run (the sound of the printer reacts), The current display will be BLANK. On your desktop will respond “Found New Hardware” ignore it, tekan cancel. Then you do the next step.

Download sofware Service Tool versi 3200 for this type of printer reset, downloadable (download) here >> Canon Printer Seice Tool v3200rv

Extract the files in the desired location

Open and Run ServiceTool_3200.exe

Prepare a minimum of paper 2 sheet in the printer

Click the button based on the following.


Click the button EEPROM, then the printer will react and print EEPROM information

After completion of

Click button SET the number 2 as shown in figure

The printer will then print the code D=000.0

After the Finish

Click the button SET the number 3 like on the image to reset the counter to the value 0% (zero percent)

Now your printer is ready to use again, Good luck ^ _ ^




Canon Printer Service Tool v3200
Canon Printer Service Tool v3200
Version: 3200
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