Radio Lab Tools, Changing the PIN and IMEI Blackberry

Blackberry PIN and IMEI it can be replaced, with a tool or piece of software called Radio Lab Tools. This software also has some other features like paengaturan and testing of radio wave signals Blackberry, and other tests are useful for a technician or penghoby permutations phones.

But what would cause a problem with the Blackberry Service-related changes in the PIN and IMEI? until he wrote this article, there is no information that would prove this.

The following step is to change the IMEI and PIN Blakcberry (BB) with Radio Lab Tools collected from Warning : Risk borne yes… 😉

Step to the input pin and imei BB

(Make sure your BB in bootloader Conditions)

  1. Buka program Radio Lab Tools
  2. Connect your BB handset to PC
  3. Click on the blue PC image in the top left corner to connect
  4. Click on selection “Available Views” ago “ID”
  5. Enter IMEI and Pin sought in column BB Pin and IMEI, In the Allow column BSN write what it is and then click on the tab and the tab pin imei.
  6. flash back your OS using DM

to check whether it has been successful, please press the disconnect button and then connect back
The choice of column ID and pin imei tab click read to see if the pin and imei you've changed.


Radio Lab Tool
Radio Lab Tool
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