Request the Government of Indonesia against RIM as the BlackBerry service providers

Tifatul Sembiring, Menkominfo Republik Indonesia

Tifatul Sembiring, Menkominfo Republik Indonesia

Service Providers as well peangkat BlackBerry mobile manufacturer Research In Motion or RIM, requested to appear before the Indonesian government through the deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Menkominfo) Ministry of Communications and Information Technology related services in Indonesia.

But how is the intention of the government in terms of providing regulation of the BlackBerry service provider company?

Here is a tweet from Tifatul Sembiring, through his twitter account @tifsembiring explaining the purpose of RIM summoned by the government of the Republic of Indonesia in mid-January next.

1. Dear tweeps reply, The following I will explain a few things related controversy KPD warning RIM Black Berry who operate in INA
2. IT Specialist Data: there 3 million subscribers RIM / BB in Indonesia. 2 jt official and 1 jt black market.
3. Dg rata2 charge $ 7 USD/org/bulan. RIM gain a net inclusion Rp 189 Billion / month or RP 2,268 Trillion / yr. For RIM INA public money
4. RECORD : RIM Without tax-continental to RI, without waking any network infrastructure in RI. The entire network is owned 6 operator of INA.
5. Wrong we ask “ALLOTMENT” for Homeland spt. Labor, local content, respect and comply with the provisions of the Law and the Law in RI that this sovereign
6. All the other operators are already doing and to comply with the law and regulations RI, such as: bayar BHP frekw, tax, rekrut naker, CSR, aids korban2
7… Merapi, Mentawai victims, victim Wasior, Other bencana2 and block pornography.
8. Kelirukah us if asked RIM to run the same laws and rules? Is RIM should be given the privilege and exclusion?
9. I read sdh comments2, Should we always be me-runduk2 foreign KPD? Arogankah if foreign remind agr respect the law and the law on INA.
10. This u / interests that wider. Given a piece of “small cakes” then mati2an foreign defense. Ask the right of a big u / Sir nation's.
11. Mudah2an tweeps gentleman acknowledged that there.

Source :!/tifsembiring

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