NAT Web Server via Mikrotik with modem connection Speedy

Make your PC into a web server can be done, especially when we have a speedy connection static IP (Professionals such as Speedy Pack with bandwidth 2 Mbps). In principle we can simply activate the NAT feature (Network Address Translation) on our speedy modem. The menu of the web management modem can vary. Here are examples of NAT configuration with brand TP-Link modem.

In this case, will be discussed situations where Mikrotik Router in our LAN network. So the configuration is Modem — Mikrotik — PC / Server (Network LAN). This serves as a proxy network management LAN hotspots.

When we want a PC / Server (web server) can be accessed by other users on the Internet, then we have to make arrangements to Mikrotik and Modem. Well that should be done is as follows.

Create NAT the modem as shown above, where IP Mikrotik is and port web server is 80. The pages on the TP-Link modem is accessed from the menu : NAT >> Virtual Server

Then the next step, we set it to skip proxy restrictions hotspots from and to a web server (PC / Server) we. With menus IP >> Hotspot then select Tab IP Bindings, then click add (+), enter the MAC address and IP Server PC us, as shown below.

After the IP we Binding, then the system will be bypassed hotspot (of-bypass).

Next we Atur pada NAT Mikrotik, as follows.

In the picture above, IP is IP interface (port LAN) Mikrotik is connected to the modem. While the is IP PC / Server connected to Mikrotik.

Well, after the configuration is complete, press OK

Once this is done please test access your web server from other Internet network, can you try with a network-connected mobile internet mobile operator or you can ask your friends in other places to access your Public IP Modem. Or if you have your own domain you navigate to your Speedy Public IP, just ask your friends to access your domain. When the show is a web page on your server, the NAT process has been successfully.

Good luck!!!… ^_^

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