Nano Spray 2 MCI, Beauty tools with Nano Technology

Nano Spray MCI

Nano Spray 2 Original

Nano Spray 2 Original

MGI NANO SPRAY or Nano Spray Beauty Products MCI is the right solution to obtain health white skin radiant and free from pimples and black spots. Nano Spray MCI is the beauty with the latest technology and cutting-edge. This tool is a beauty products for skin care precisely in the face that can reduce the appearance of frown lines that normally exist on the skin, and can accelerate the replacement of skin cells and help prevent cell damage, also moisturizes sensitive skin.

Nano spray MGI 2, natural solution to your facial skin problems that do not cause irritation because it only uses water and does not make the bag burst. This tool can be used continuously, quite simply use water only.

After the success of the first generation of the Nano Spray is for 1.500.000, now with the latest generation of technology improvements in many aspects. Telah Lahiri generasi Teknologi MCI Nano Spray 2, Ideal and efficient solution in skin care / face compared with routine care to your favorite salon. Easy to carry anywhere and anytime, even when you are traveling. More efficient because the product itself can be recharged using mineral water. For best results use SUPER O2, CLEO, OXY, or other high-quality water.

Manfaat Nano Spray

  • Brighten the face, and helps prevent premature aging
  • Moisturize skin, protect sensitive skin
  • Shrink pores, until the face looks clean and youthful
  • Skin tightening on the face
  • Eliminate and cure acne
  • Eliminating black spots on the face
  • Disguise dark circles under eyes
  • Clear blackheads and impurities
  • Brighten the face and helps prevent premature aging
  • Help keep the system working electrical outlet cell
  • Helps maintain the PH balance (the degree of acidity)
  • Remove toxins from our body cells and
  • Burn scars,Cellulite. etc.

Cara Kerja Nano Spray

Nano Spray produces nano-sized spray of water molecules, were able to penetrate the pores of the skin which can not be done by ordinary water droplets.


Spesifikasi NANO SPRAY MGI

  • Color : White / Black
  • Using Lithium Battery 600mAh as used in mobile phones and can charge
  • Easy to carry design - which like mobile phones
  • Measurements of water-bearing capacity of the tank up to a more durable
  • Slimmer and more elegant
  • No spray holes around the mirror that acts as a mirror when doing the spraying on face.
  • Completeness : Water bottles to fill up the Nano Spray MGI , charger, user

Lowest Nano Spray 2

Nano Spray 2 sold at a price Rp. 1.700.000,- (Original products)


Beauty Magic Stick

Beauty Magic Stick MGI

Beauty Magic Stick MGI

Beauty Magic Stick, work with the free electrons are bound together by skin moisture up to become negative ions, and absorbed into the skin, smooth blood circulation due to reduced oxide in the blood, and your skin temperature rises. To be able to change the hard fat on your face melted into fat so easily discarded through sweat.

Manfaat Beauty Magic Stick

Could eliminate laugh lines on the face
Lift sagging breasts that have been
Remove bags under eyes
Improves blood circulation under the skin
Remove fat under the skin such as the face Kulita, forearm skin
Eliminate stretch marks after pregnancy

Harga Beauty Magic Stick

Price Beauty Magic Stick Original sold at Price USD. 1.400.000,-



ONLY Rp. 2.400.000,- (Save USD. 700.000,-)



PIN BB 2682D966


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