“They” actually provide security features when needed (a science of security Facebook, e-mail, etc.)

Social networking service provider, email, and other accounts must have been thinking about the security of your account sebuak, itu baik email, facebook or other account. Mulai dari security question (security questions) to captcha and the like (validation that you are human) such as image / text / information disguised or better known as cryptographic.

Another objective is to secure your account.

You may often see this sort of thing. You are required to fill in the data date lagir, the name of the biological mother, pet names, hometown, maybe even where you met your lover first time. This information may not be important to you and your seoalah just to fill in arbitrarily (either because lazy, or in a hurry). Actually means a security provider for the account you created on facebook, email, and so on.

Trivial information is useful when your accounts compromised (term is hacked) jail people for fun or purposeful.

The other thing that often happens is when you forget your password (password) you. This information will be used by the system to validate that you are the actual owner of the account. Nobody knows you 100 percent instead of Allah. So only you and God knows about your secret.

Well if it happens, your account either email or facebook or any other account you can not use because dobobol person or you forgot your password, then all you have to do is click on the link (link) “Forgot Password?” or “Forgot Password” or other expressions that mean the same. Then the system will guide you by asking about your information, if all the questions you answered correctly (because it is you who know), ate new passord will be given to you.

For facebook account, if it happens to your facebook account, (hacked people) Please check your email that you use for facebook, there will be a notification (notification) if someone (performer hacking) change something in your facebook.

So try to be more attentive to your accounts, by completing the data necessarily.

May be useful… ^_^

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