Learning Materials on the Internet, What and How?

Pembelajaran menggunakan Internet

"Learning materials in intrenet must contain the active ingredient, collaboration, creative, integrative, and can be evaluated "

Based on data from the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Provider (APJII) Internet users to 2007 by 25 Million people, and is expected to grow by 40 million people in the year 2008, along with the decline in prices of internet services.

Also, there are about 274 Internet Service Provider Company, which provide services around 4000 cafe business and thousands of individual users and corporate. Along with this pmbelajaran through the Internet is rife discussed and roll. Almost every college has a system of Internet-based learning.
Talk about learning on the internet, is like to talk about e-learning. As is known together, e-learning is a learning that is done electronically, through means that are both online and offline. In this case the reference point is what and how the learning materials on the Internet.
Some people still misunderstand the concept of an e-learning. Not infrequently these sites are just putting softcopy (file : red) a book in a site.
Associated with it, before talking about the material, it is no less important in an internet learning is the goal of learning itself. Is merely presenting the material or is there a larger mission behind the material itself?
Victoria L Tinio, in his ICT in Education reveals that the purpose of a learning with ICT (Information and Communication Technology: red) ie as a means to disseminate learning.(p.8)
But in this case, ability to use and utilize ICT also affects the least effective learning on the Internet. Not only human resources but also the network infrastructure is very important in the implementation of learning in the internet.
Regardless of the HR and learning infrastructure in the Internet, content into determinants of learning itself. The big question is, What kind of learning material on the Internet should?

Whatever the theme of learning, not independent of several factors that are active, contains elements of collaboration as a science of wealth, creative, integrable, and can be evaluated.

Source: Thijs, A., et al. Learning Through the Web http://www.decidenet.nl/Publications/Web_Based_Learning.pdf.

Comparable advantages and disadvantages of learning with the help of the internet (ICT) with conventional learning. With material terkolaborasi, learning process more productive. The principle of integration between theory and practice in learning on the Internet more easily implemented if only through simulation. And most importantly, residents learn to choose what they want to learn according to their interests. Learning forums on the internet it is possible to resolve the problem, because many "teacher" who can answer that due to the open nature of the learning model.
In general, as far as learning materials on the Internet may contain interactive elements, so it can be evaluated. This is the underlying concept of e-learning which was built by some communities in the world. Applications such as A-Tutor, Dokeos, Learning management system Moodle and others have used the basic principles of an ideal learning on the internet. The concept of distance learning, that's the key.
In the light of the historical development of learning in the internet, as revealed in the wikipedia website (http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pembelajaran_elektronik) as follows.
1) Year 1990 : Era CBT (Computer-Based Training) which began popping up e-learning application that runs on your PC or shaped finishing standlone CD-ROM. Fill material in writing and multimedia (Video and AUDIO) DALAM FORMAT mov, mpeg-1, atau avi.
(2) Year 1994 : Along with CBT received by the community since the 1994 CBT appears in the form of packages more attractive and mass-produced.
(3) Year 1997 : LMS (Learning Management System). Along with the development of internet technology, people in the world are being connected to the Internet. The need for information that can be obtained quickly began to be felt as an absolute necessity , and distance as well as the location is not a barrier anymore. From this came the LMS. More rapid development of the LMS to new thinking to overcome interoperability between LMS from another by default. Emerging standard form issued by standards such as AICC (Airline Industry CBT Commettee), IMS, SCORM, IEEE LOM, ARIADNE, etc..
(4) Year 1999 as the application of Web-based E-learning. LMS application development towards web-based e-learning developed in total, good for learners (learner) teaching and learning and administration. LMS start sites coupled with information, magazine, and newspapers. Content is also increasingly rich multimedia unity , video streaming, as well as interactive performances in a wide selection of more standard data formats, and small-sized.
A learning material on the internet is always packed in such a way that facilitates participants to engage in the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of a particular field of knowledge.
For example, is about learning physics. In this field, can be drawn about the matter and the essence of physics. Animation of a physical process, formulation and some practice questions, good essay or multiple choice, be included in the learning. The material in the form of animation that can work interactively it is helpful to understand the subject. Forum discussion about physics is very important as a question and answer event is multi-source, means answering a lot of pen and many.
According to Dr.. And. Syaad Patmanthara, an e-learning specialist who once Doctor Learning Technology at the State University of Malang, revealed that the content of an e-learning or learning on the internet should be interactive berifat, easy to understand and interesting, is not in the online book-right. Learning elements still have to be involved in it.
Along with this, Herman D. Surjono, Ph.D., Kapuskom sekaligus pakar e-learning dari Universitas Negeri Jogjakarta juga menyampaikan bahwa materi pembelajaran di internet haruslah mengandung unsur interaktif dan dikemas se-efisien mungkin. Tentang materi dapat dikembangkan sesuai kaidah dan kisi-kisi yang berlaku dengan tetap melibatkan unsur-unsur aktif, terintegrasi, collaboration, creative, dan dapat dievaluasi. [Author : Dhega Febiharsa]

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