Malang city and its business opportunities

Potensi Bisnis Kota Malang

City poor, inhabited by more than 700 thousand inhabitants, which 70 percent are immigrants. Unfortunate with all its potential has become quite a dynamic city, growing population, making cities increasingly congested poor from year to year.

Unfortunate as the city of education, make the thousands of new residents each year. This is reinforced by the increasing capacity of each educational institutions such as universities. An increasing number of people would have been increasing traffic density. This is evident in the congestion on some roads, especially around the area close to campus, Soekarno Hatta like, Jalan Veteran, and several other roads. More and more residents will also have an impact on the increasing number of problems. Both are caused by people's activities, and the impact of economic activity. This density also affected the business sector. Can we see more and more places hawker, cafe, shop, the mall. Unfortunate that more and more people getting an opportunity to enlarge the city's efforts. Here are some business opportunities in poor city proper to glance.

1. Kost-kostan business and residential.

Business is already known quite beneficial in poor cities. Let us look at the region Sumbersari, ketawanggede, and other campus areas. There are many residential houses that sometimes deliberately changed functionality into a boarding. Not infrequently residents / homeowners deliberately gave the outskirts of moving house and changed into a boarding house to capture more profit. In fact, not infrequently, outside the city the unfortunate mistake of buying a house in the city to be a place just unfortunate Kost. This is reasonable because the increasingly poor city flooded thousands of immigrants each year. On the other hand the number of poor housing in the city is also increasing to meet the housing needs for the settlers.

2. Business Food and snacks

This business is also in line with the increasing number of migrants in the city poor. It is of course, not complete if you need this one complements the housing needs. Where no settlement there must be a shop or a place to eat. This is evident by the height of stall- stalls or places to eat at certain hours. Try ketawanggede you see in the afternoon by afternoon, thousands of children boarding or invade the stalls or places to eat in the area around them.

3. Bisnis Fashion

Clothing is a basic requirement that must be met. The poor city is now filled with clothing stores. This business can certainly be considered by the employer to 5 next year and even more. But fiercer competition. Clothing will eventually become a lifestyle, not merely a function, but clothing will be for their own style. Not surprisingly, more and more distributions are mushrooming in poor cities. Most prefer the boutique, for those who want exclusivity. Because boutique lingerie model produces only a limited number. And that is now beginning to bloom in the city are poor clothing business “one seed okay”. This is now favored, because people may have started to reluctantly if they have a lot of clothes twin. he..he. Other fashion products are shoes, sandals and handbags, This is also an unforgettable thing for most poor urban dwellers. Business shoes, sandals and bag still considered profitable. Just simply specify the location of the right to sell this product, will certainly be able to achieve a tidy profit. Business in this field, is very likely due to more than 200.000 poor city dwellers are at a young age (15-24 year), where they are still relatively age-old very fashionable.

4. Laundry Business

This business has a correlation with the clothing business, is loundry business or laundering clothing. With less land in this case for a clothesline and poor weather conditions the city erratic (Sometimes the rain is sometimes hot), people tend not to take risks with their laundry. So they prefer washed their clothes in the laundry. Although have dug their pockets 10 -20 thousand for dry cleaning services board. It is quite practical than having to spend their valuable time to simply wash. Moreover, the lifestyle of today tend to be lazy.

5. Computer Business, Telecommunications and Internet

With the proliferation of social networks like facebook, twitter, YM etc., it is enough to boost the poor population will need internet communication devices along with. Internet needs increased dramatically, and the need for devices such as computers and laptops has increased. This is evidenced by the increasing number of internet users in the city of laptop and poor. Business is starting to bloom is the internet and hotspots as well as data network either through a cellular or wireless network, This business will continue as the need for internet berpeluan increasingly high in poor urban communities. No day without a status update, it is this which is now increasingly becoming a new habit of the urban poor, especially young people. Telecommunications businesses such as reloading for example pulses, will continue to evolve in this city as the need for data and voice communication are a staple in the present era.

6. Business entertainment and recreation

This business is not able to be separated from the larger cities such as poor, where the dynamic activity, it will be more and more problems are encountered. It takes a refresher for free from various problems faced. Hence the entertainment business as well as in other major cities, still has good prospects, as well as a place to hang out, karaoke, game center, family recreation and so on.

Perhaps that is the business opportunities that exist in the unfortunate addition of other opportunities such as, real sector businesses such as staples, recreation, educational needs such as books, areas Tullis, and so on. There is no business that does not have a competitor, it is a natural law, but it does not mean we become a barrier to start a business. Not all business profitable, but we must know how to be profitable. Various aspects we need to consider, and it could not hurt to learn teorui business so that we can reduce the risk of loss in business.

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