The words “Do not put in any place because there are verses of the Qur'an and Hadith” Friday bulletin do not support the recycle program

Almost every Friday in several major mosques in almost all of Indonesia, always distributed bulletin containing propaganda and sometimes inserted ads.

In the intent and purpose, indeed noble to give tauziyah for the Muslims through the print media that is bulletin. But the big question for the author makes is when the bulletin is available writings “Do not put just any place, because there is a verse of the Qur'an and Hadist”, The article implied educate us to accumulate something that will make the process of recycling paper bulletin will be hindered by the mindset that mensakralkan (verses are printed on a paper).
The logic, if everyone obeyed the call, it can be imagined how many millions of tons of paper can not be recycled because the process sakralisme.
Conceivably, if distributed in a mosque 1000 sheet of paper on a Friday. Imagine the number of mosques in Indonesia, and how many thousands or perhaps millions of sheets of paper to be sacred not to be discarded or destroyed (recycling).
For authors, himbuan step is actually to be reviewed. Seem trivial, but if we want to think further, there may be a more accurate way of communicating the message. With no adverse impact to the environment.
The author hopes, Muslim scholars to speak about this later. Do not let good intentions lead to vague thing.. 🙂
It hanyanyalah an opinion that may provide insight to the reader.

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