Install dan Troubleshooting Gammu di Windows 7

In this article we review how to install an SMS gateway using Gammu application in Windows 7 complete with a variety of problems.

The assumptions are the following minimum system. (can be different versions)

Here are the steps in the Windows Install Gammu 7

1. Download the latest version Gammu

Download the latest version Gammu - You should select the zip extension to have a better control of the parameters to be inserted later.

2. Ekstrak a drive Lokal komputer

The extract file ke drive Komputer Anda. Can in C:\ or D:\

you should now have a folder structure like this:

Gambar texture Folder di drive C:\ pada Windows 7


3. Catat Port Modem

After extract the files Gammu, now is the time to plug the USB cable modem to one of the USB ports on the computer / laptop. Then note the modem port is known by computer. To find out which port your modem is known by computer, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the button Start »Right-click on Computer »Select Properties »Click Device Manager

  1. Click on the Ports and look at the port where the modem is recognized by Windows 7. In the picture above we use Wavecom modem detected through COM36, means that the port used is port 36.

4. Import gammu database schema

Next is importing the database schema that will be used for SMS management. The trick:

  1. Create a new database using phpmyadmin, name it as you see fit. This example we name 'jwm-sms‘.
  2. Import gammu database schema that is placed on C:\Gammusharedocgammuexamplessql (replace the drive as the installation location that you specify Gammu), select the appropriate file server mysql database, atau pgsql, atau lisql.
  3. Record the name of this database. Will we soon need

5. Edit file konfigurasi Gammu

There 2 files that you need to edit in order to operate properly Gammu:

  • gammurc
  • smsdrc

Both of these files can be found in the C:\Gamma bin. Use Notepad to edit, do not use Ms. Word because it probably would ruin the format. Our recommendation is Notepad which can be downloaded at

Here is an example of settings that we did on the file gammurc and smsdrc:

(Source :

6. Testing the connection from the modem to Gammu

Dari Command Prompt (Start » Search program and files »Type cmd, press enter) type:

cd c:\Gamma bin <enter>
gammu identify <enter>

Results will appear as follows:

If the message 'Error opening device, it does not exist. 'means the file has not been edited correctly gammurc. Make sure the modem port is recognized by the computer has been put into the device. Do not forget to sign ':'After the port number.

7. Install service gammu di Windows 7

After the connection between the modem Gammu and has formed, Gammu is time to install the service to run automatically when Windows 7 start up. This section is rather tricky because often even though the connection has been established but failed when install its service. The most common cause is that access rights are limited by Windows 7 because you are not logged in as an Administrator. To ensure that the service can be installed with either do the following:

  1. Start » Search program and files »Type cmd
  2. Before pressing enter, cmd.exe right click on the icon that appear at the start panel and select Run as administrator
  3. Make sure you have in the folder C:\Gammu bin and then type gammu-smsd -c smsdrc -i
  4. Message will appear Service GammuSMSD installed sucessfully
  5. Then Start » Search program and files »Type services, Tekan center
  6. Search for the entry with the name Gammu smsd Service (GammuSMSD)
  7. Double-click on the entry later on Startup type pilih Automatic (Delayed Start)
  8. Click Start, the service gammu now been installed in Windows 7 and will run automatically when the computer is turned on.

Attention: Make sure the USB cable modem you use in plug into the same port. If using a different USB port then Gammu will not detect your modem. If you decide to change the USB port that will be used, first stop service Gammunya then edit the file gammurc and smsdrc, adjust the port number to the port indicated by the computer / laptop, then save the file and restart the service changes its Gammu.


There are also some problems that until now have not yet found the cause and solution. Therefore the knowledge that I have not lost with age, and also perhaps the knowledge I have can be useful for others, then in this article I share some of the problems in Gammu what happened and how the solution. Some of the problems probably are often found by users Gammu, but because they still lack a reference on the internet then it's either not met the solution. Hopefully the solution is here.

For ease of discussion, the problems and solutions of this engine troubleshooting Gammu SMS me to be 2 section, ie when the installation stage and on stage use. In Section 1 I will focus on the issues during the installation phase Gammunya. Insha Allah, on his part-2 will be focused on the use of.

Note: The problems that I discuss here only focused on the use Gammu version 1.25 to the top, while for the version below is not covered here, and Gammu used on Windows platforms.

The emergence of the message "Missing msvcr71.dll"

The message appears in a pop up window. The message often appears when a check Gammu with a modem connection or when typing the command: gammu identify. What is the cause of the error? The reason is the absence of the default library file msvcr71.dll windowsnya, or it could be the file is corrupt. The cause is lost or corruptnya the file could be due to a virus or accidentally deleted. How the solution? the only solution is to put back the file msvcr71.dll into the directory C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 (If you are using Windows XP or 7 32 bit), atau C:/WINDOWS / SysWOW64 if you are using Win 7 64 bit. You can download the msvcr71.dll file in the URL

Muncul pesan “Error installing gammu service”

The error message appears during the process of manufacture or installation service gammunya, or after you type the command: gammu-smsd -c smsdrc -i. The cause of the error is the influence of the Windows security system that does not allow to make the service. Usually this happens in Windows 7. The solution is, before installing the service make sure you've lowered the level of the UAC (User Account Control) down to the lowest level. Where its UAC settings? To change the UAC level, please go to control panel windows, then just type in the search box: uac. Then click on the 'Change User Account Control Settings'. After that just drag the panel level to the lowest level (never notify). Then restart his PC. Further repeat the process of making its service.

Muncul pesan “The drive cannot find the sector requested.”

The message above appears when the service will run gammu made. What is the cause of the error? The reason there are several possibilities, among others:

  • There are some database table structure Gammu incomplete (has not been made), or existing database table is corrupt or damaged. The solution of this cause is to repair the corrupted tables from the (be through phpMyAdmin), or if there was a table of a database that has not been installed Gammu, then immediately create a table that is less.
  • The discrepancy database name set on his smsdrc file with the name of the MySQL database or any other database that has been created. The solution is make sure the file name of the database in the same smsdrc the database that you have created your place to make his Gammu tables. If it was the name of the database in the wrong smsdrc, then first remove the created service Gammu, then create again its service.
  • Username and password Gammu connect to a database that has been set on the file smsdrc inappropriate or wrong. The solution is make sure the username and password correct connection to the database Gammunya. If it turns out the username and password at this wrong smsdrc, then remove gammu its first service and re-install service.

Gammu database table structure that is made comes from a different version with Gammu Gammu is being used. For example, suppose you use Gammu version X, but the structure of the database table to take on Gammu version Y. The solution, make sure the structure of the database table that you will make Gammu comes from Gammu version you are using. (Source :


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