Things to consider when moving hosting

Move website from one hosting to other hosting like moving house. Both for reasons of capacity is not sufficient reason or cheaper hosting rates. We'll get our new home with the same things when we memboyong all our stuff into the new house.
A few things to do before moving hosting is:
Backup seluruh website (isi directors public_html, except the cgi-bin folder) and downloaded as a zip file. This can be done through your cPanel hosting. More precisely in the menu cPanel File Manager (to access cPanel is done by giving “/cpanel” on your domain, ex:
Backup database, via phpMyAdmin in cPanel, do export databases, so it can be downloaded to a local drive.
Another way to make backups is by choosing a backup on cpanel, good for public_html directory and databases.
After all is done, just do a restore on the new hosting.
It simply like it, more ntar deh-Nanya Nanya to me, GTU aja ya… ^_^
Must do another activity… neeh 😀

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