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How many times a day you update your facebook status? Or you do not have a facebook account at all?
Hmm.. possible 3 times a day to update your facebook account, or even more than that.
Mark Zuckerberg - facebook owner

Facebook now has become addictive for some people in our environment. Even social networking has become a part of our lives. Almost every show on television, not separated from facebook, almost every show has to have its own facebook account on every television station, radio, and other media.

Facebook seems to have been ingrained for human life on Earth Indonesia. No day without facebook, and no day without the internet.
Even social networking has made its owner, Mark Zuckerberg, man 23 the founder of social networking site Facebook, become a millionaire world.
Here is the figure of a Mark Zuckerber as dilangsir by wikipedia.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (lahir di White Plains, New York, 14 May 1984; age 26 year). Son of Edward and Karen Zuckerberg. He is a computer programmer and businessman from United States. Being rich in a relatively young age for successfully setting up and developing a social networking site Facebook while still in college with the help of Harvard friend Andrew McCollum and his roommates Dustin Moskovitz and Hughes Crish. He currently serves as CEO of Facebook. Zuckerberg was born a Jew, but he proclaimed himself as an atheist

Forbes lists him as the youngest billionaire, on their own efforts and not because of heritage, ever recorded in the history. His wealth is estimated at around one and a half billion dollars.

Early years 2009 Mark Zuckerberg was awarded the Young Global Leaders.

During Lecture
Zuckenberg is a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi.Pada Mark Zuckerberg originally merely a student of the University of Harvard.Zuckerberg then create a social networking system for kelasnya.Tetapi after he made the system,turns more and more people joined didalamnya.Sistem it has netted over time from its nearest university lectures,and this is the beginning of Facebook as we know it today.

From this situation, Zuckerberg took the initiative to develop a networking system tersebut.Mula Zuckerberg originally developed this system and give the name of his friends Facebook.Zuckerberg and then rented space in Palo Alto,California as a place to grow up. Because of preoccupation for developing project Facebook,Zuckerberg then forget about kuliahnya.Zuckerberg faced with difficult choices between choosing education or business project he was optimistic attitude kembangkan.Dengan Zuckerberg and his friends chose to leave their college,and focus on the project Facebook.

One thing that we copied from a Mark Zuckerberg is the intelligence and perseverance.

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