MD5 encryption and data integrity testing

MD5 is …. (MD5 meaning)

In Cryptography (science and art to maintain the confidentiality of news), MD5 is an abbreviation of Message-Digest algortihm 5, is a function hash (defined procedure or mathematical function that converts a variable from a large data become simpler) a widely used cryptographic hash value with a 128-bit. MD5 used in various security applications, and are generally used for integrity of a file meguji.

Algoritma MD5Hash-hash MD5 128-bit (16-byte), Also known as a summary message, typically displayed in 32-digit hexadecimal number. Here is an example of an ASCII message throughout the 43-byte MD5 hash as input and associated:

MD5(“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”) = 9e107d9d372bb6826bd81d3542a419d6

Even a small change in the message will (with probability more) generate hash completely different, for example the word “dog”, letter d substituted into c:

MD5(“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy cog”) = 1055d3e698d289f2af8663725127bd4b

Hash from long-null:

MD5(“”) = D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e

Complete meal on MD5 encryption algorithm you can listen completely here

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MD5 Tool (MD5 Converter)

To perform the conversion in an instant, has many tools available on the internet in the form of desktop application, and web-based applications, to do the conversion from plain (text of light) to MD5 encryption or vice versa (or better known as MD5 Reverse). As with any of the sites and some similar sites.

MD5 Checksum

MD5 Checksum Verifier SoftwareAs for the application of testing the integrity of a file, or better known as MD5 Checksum, can use a desktop application or web-based applications such as MD5 Checksum “MD5 Checksum Verifier” (can be downloaded here) and so on. Such software will generate MD5 code of file integrity tested. Further MD5 code is to be used to test whether the file has integrity or not. This means that if a file will be given or sent or downloaded, the recipient can match with the received whether the size, structure, and according to the type of file given by the creator of the file. For example if you download a file, then given MD5 checksum code also its, if checked (validated) with tools like MD5 Checksum Verifier, declared invalid or the same as the file being tested, it said the file was not changed from the sender to the palm of your hand. (changes may occur due to viruses and so on)

This kind of testing is intended to ensure that a file is not inserted or corrupt (loss of some) or may be infected, be it due to a virus, malware, injection or other malicious software.

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