Statistical Data Internet users in Indonesia until the year 2010

Based on data Internet users in Indonesia reached 30 million people, or 12,3 % of the population in Indonesia in the year 2010. This is a valuable information for the world of internet marketing in Indonesia and the world.

Internet user data can be used for various things, such as marketing strategy plan, marketing plan, or product development plan, or for mapping the market on the internet.

Various business opportunities can be drawn from statistical data of internet users, for example, the opportunity to sell products through social networking, web, blog, and other internet facilities, development opportunities means or specific application software, particular tool websites and various other things that would have business value / profit or keuntungan.Data statistics on Internet users in Indonesia in 2000 – year 2010 is as follows.

Internet Users and Population Stats in Indonesia

Year Users Population % Pen. GDP p.c.* Usage Source
2000 2,000,000 206,264,595 1.0 % US$ 570 ITU
2007 20,000,000 224,481,720 8.9 % US$ 1,916 ITU
2008 25,000,000 237,512,355 10.5 % US$ 2,238 APJII
2009 30,000,000 240,271,522 12.5 % US$ 2,329 ITU
2010 30,000,000 242,968,342 12.3 % US$ 2,858 ITU

Note: Per capita GDP in dollars OS, source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

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