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The number of mobile operators and internet service providers that offer a variety of Internet packages with various keblebihan indeed often create confusion. But we must be careful in choosing the internet package. Fixed line package of choice for home users who rarely leave the house, The internet connection has advantages not depend on the coverage and signal strength as occurs in wireless networks, 3G, HSDPA, EVDO and so on. But the weakness of the fixed line network such as ADSL for example, it can not be taken anywhere. Less suitable for those who are often mobile or nomadic.

The price offered by the service providers can not be denied that it is cheaper than the wireless internet network. So here we have to really consider when we want to subscribe to ADSL Internet services such as Speedy and so on.

Wireless network or rather better known as mobile broadband, very suitable for those who are often mobile or out of the house with a laptop / notebook. This means possess excess can be taken anywhere because it does not depend on a fixed station or fixed line.

But the problem is when you meet with a limited budget, we are required to thoroughly weigh up to having an internet connection, whether we should choose ADSL internet network or Mobile Broadband.

Choosing Operator Services or the Internet

Here are the things that should be known in choosing an internet connection package.

Installing internet where you are very dependent, means the operator or internet service provider servise (internet service providers) different places, also different quality. As an example, if you are in location A, there is a network of TELKOM, you should ask the customer service in telecom offices nearest your region if there is an ADSL network or Speedy or not. If not you might think to use the mobile network boroadband 2G / 3G / 3.5G / HSDPA provided by operators such as Telkomsel, Indosat, 3, Axis, XL, SMART, Aha, Mobile8, Telkom Flexi or other service provider.

If you want to use the mobile network for internet connection, then you do not necessarily have to specify to the operator of one of your favorite granted.

These matters will also be taken into consideration in determining your when you want to buy a modem.

Nothing wrong if you ask your neighbors either side of which had already been using the previous wireless internet service, You are not wrong to choose one provider or even buy a type of modem that suits you.

Maybe you could try to borrow a modem have your colleagues or your brother for trials with various operators. Tests do not need to directly subscribe operatorpun. Quite see the indicator in the application / software modem, for what looks like the image signal as follows.

Screenshot Software Modem GSM

Seteleh you know what is appropriate for use at home or where you work, You then specify the modem what would you choose.

Choosing the Appropriate Modem

As knowledge, that there are different types of modems and modem various brands on the market.

Modem GSM (General atau Unlock)

Unlock here means the modem is not locked to a specific operator. Sometimes inbundling or packaged with certain SIM Card.

This kind of modem can be used with prime card Telkomsel (Sympathy, Ace, and Hello Card), XL, Axis, 3, Indosat (Mentari and IM3).

Modem CDMA (General atau Unlock)

This kind of modem can be used with prime card Aha, Flexi, Hepi, Brake, Smart. There 2 CDMA modem type in the Indonesian market, namely CDMA Modem CDMA Modem Single Band and Dual Band. For a single band modem, You should see whether the frequency 800 MHz, 1900 MHz or other frequency. Smart operators use the frequency for 1900 MHz. If you buy a single band Smart modem then the modem can not be used for other operators with different frequencies even though the modem has been in-Unlock. Smart also offers Dual Band modem and Unlock, so even though the modem is set the operator logo Smart, The modem is still used by other operators.

With the advent of EVDO network in Indonesia, EVDO modem is also rife in the market. It is also an EVDO modem CDMA modem. EVDO modem is definitely covering CDMA 1X network (read: one x). So you do not need to be confused with the term EVDO Modem.

Well now, when you are served a wide selection of brands in store modem, You will be dizzy. But no need to worry about the various options that, simply adjust your budget. For CDMA modems are sold ranging in price 200 thousands to 1,5 million dollars.

For there is usually a choice of GSM Modem 3G, 3,5G or HSDPA modem. Basically 3,5G with HSDPA, but on the packaging it says HSDPA modem no modem adap also wrote 3.5G Modem. Price also determines the maximum download speed with these devices. There is the ability 3,6 Mbps and there that have the ability 7,2 Mbps, even recently existing modem capable of up to 21 Mbps are supported by the new operator Telkomsel only, and even then only in the area / city specific.

The speed only device capabilities. This means that the actual speed depends on the speed of the network operator. Terkadanng modem speed even though we are able to 7,2 Mbps, speed that we feel may only range 800 kbps – 1,9 Mbps only because operators only provide services with limited or unlimited speeds due to the lack of data networks in your area.

Here are various variants of modems that are sold in the market. In the packaging will be written

  • GSM 3,6 Mbps 3.5G
  • GSM 3,6 Mbps HSDPA
  • GSM 7,2 Mbps 3.5G
  • GSM 7,2 Mbps HSDPA
  • GSM 21 Mbps
  • CDMA 3G

and so on.

Choosing a Package.

In choosing an internet package you must be smart in considering price, Regardless of what the operator has a better network in your area, package options also need to be considered in terms of financial (budget) You.

The term Fair Usage

Operators typically restrict the quota or the amount of data that you download (download) and Upload (Upload), such as quotas 1 GBytes. Operators often call with pemakainan fair usage. Fair Usage limit actually is a rule that is applied in operator. If your usage has reached 1 GB data, then the speed will be reduced automatically by the operator. So do not be surprised if your internet speed suddenly slowed. There may have been exhausted koata. (even if you subscribe to an unlimited package or without borders).

Package Time Base

Packet time base is calculated based on the length of time the application. Here your usage is calculated per minute. For example, you choose a package 50 hours, the price is for the application packet 50 Hours. The rest you will be charged an additional fee per minute outside of the package price. If your hobby to download or upload, This packet may necessarily you choose. Because the quota volume or number of data you download or upload is usually ignored in the package Time Base The.

For ADSL Time Based Package, is not limited quota of data, You can download or upload as much as possible during your hour package is not depleted. This applies also to the time base of mobile broadband packages such as Telkomsel Flash Time Base, XL Time Base, dan Indosat M2 Time Base, and other time base package.

Paket Volume Base

Package base volume is calculated based on the amount of data you download or upload. For example, if you visit websites that a lot of pictures / videos / files will require a greater volume than you visit websites that only display a lot of text / text and few pictures. If you like to chat, This package is suitable for you. In this package usually ignore the duration. This means that even if you chat volume all day you spend not much.

If you are using a mobile device you can use this package. But for smartphone customize your stay to suit your needs.

Studi in the command (Example Problems Choosing Internet Packages).

Case #1

I will download movies from the site indowebster. Where I surf I find HSDPA network. Then I will choose a package Time Base ignored here because the volume.

Case #2

I want to chat using Yahoo Messenger all day, and I find EDGE network only, then I choose the package volume due to the duration neglected here.

Case #3

I was in a 3G or HSDPA network, Sometimes I need to download but not great volume, sometimes more often I chat. So I chose a monthly unlimited package with quota 2 GB. I find it quite fitting.

Well from the case studies, You already know the picture you have to choose which package?..

In choosing the package do not forget to use the APN settings (Access Point Name), appropriate username and password. So that no one that actually makes the bill swelled with the wrong APN. For APN settings, Username, and Password can be seen on our other article here.

Similarly, some Smart Way in Choosing Internet Connection. If you need advice from us please comment on this article. May be useful!…

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