Book Rich From Home : Guide Developing a Business from Home

buku-kaya-dari-rumah-industri-rumahanImitation is an effective way of learning. This book leads anyone become successful people in a way that is very easy. What we write is a form of creativity and constant innovation, to produce the perfect formula.

It turns out that money is not far where. In and around our homes scattered money. Only the willingness and sincerity that ensures that you can definitely get. If anyone else can, then what we? The answer, inside this book.


  • Dr. Bambang Triono, MM.
  • Rina Noviani, SE., MM.
  • Muhammad Kings

Publisher :

  • Intelligent Resilient Creative

Number Of Pages :

  • 160 Page

Price :

  • Rp. 40.000,-

Information & Booking :

  • Ear 08999408999 /
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