A Barcode Pada 2013 to minimize fraud

There are different on the National Exam 2013 The, besides the packet into question 20 package, LJK or Computer answer sheets into a single unit with the matter, LJK so that the package can not be used to answer questions that other package.

barcode ljk un 2013LJK listed on Barcode (Bar Code), the vertical lines are lined with different thickness. The barcode is a code for a package about. With the use of barcode, test participants would not be able to know about the question of how many earns packet, because the code is required to read a special tool called barcode scanner. Alternatively, you can use the Android mobile phone, iPhone, Blackberry which has a barcode scanner app.

UN honest this is desired by the Ministry of Education and Culture. With the current UN system, UN corruption can be minimized. Even if teachers try to help students to help work, they must have a barcode scanner to read the code about.

The government deserves thumbs up, This system can upheld the value of honesty. Good education in the Republic can be progressed star honesty.

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