Viewer Tool to Support Learning

Viewer Tool is a tool to make it easier to explain the problem. This is mainly to provide insight into the learners in the learning process.

Alat Peraga Fisika
It is inevitable that the existence of props can help the absorption of knowledge. Because not only the cognitive aspects, but also plays a role in psychomotor learning model with props. Students can perform / practice what is learned directly with props.
In the digital era props began to be developed with animation or video impressions. However, its use is still considered an important. In addition students can see first hand the process of what is learned, students can also interact with objects being studied.
The need for props increasing with the increasing number of schools or universities in Indonesia. Props such as Kit Mechanics, Listrik Magnet Kit, Tainer Digital Network Policy, Basic Electricity Trainer, and so on.
Most of the tools are beraga props related to physics, chemical, kelistrikann, automation, and so on. However, these tools are not easy to obtain, only a small fraction retailer. especially specific props. Among them are a few props providers PUDAK Scientific, DN Trainer, and several other manufacturers. Some of them props can be found on the website

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