Agribusiness SMK Sultan Trenggono, Generate Success Agriculture Indonesia

Middle vocational educational programs in agribusiness, namely the development of agricultural technology and business agriculture as one of fields in program support food needs of Asia and as supporting the joint program "Indonesia Feed Asia."

Model pembelajaran alam, and fun (learning with fun) be leading this program. Planting spirit of independence and the ability to see opportunities and entrepreneurial spirit (entrepreneurship) to students to equip them to compete in the global market and MEA 2016

Al9j4UsvBax9zmH_-B45Q2Wikr_Wbs_3snfFCl_E0RhHLearners will be forged both mental, spiritual, skills, entrepreneurship and knowledge to become a human being innovators and contributors in the world of agriculture, fishery, and organic farms. Prospective learners are those junior high school graduates / MTs from all over Indonesia, which has a strong commitment to study and achieve success in the world of agriculture, fishery, and livestock. They were spirited fighter, spirit and unyielding, creative, and innovative. Prospective cadre nation that is able to bring good name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world, especially in the field of Agro. Those who wish to acquire knowledge and religion, able to work, and solidarity, cares about the environment and the universe.

Featured Learning Programme Agribusiness SMK Sultan Trenggono

  • Teknologi Green House Polyculture
  • Aquaculture Technology
  • Tissue Culture Technology
  • Teknologi Bio Diversity
  • Fisheries Technology Bio Floc
  • Integrated Livestock Technology
  • Technology Generation Fertillizer
  • Mechatronics Agriculture
  • Cultivation of fruit crops
  • Cultivation of food crops
  • Floriculture
  • Plantation cultivation & forestry
  • Organic Farming
  • Processing and marketing of agricultural products

Information & Registration :

SMK Sultan Trenggono

Jl. Kingdom Manyaran – Gunung Pati Km. 14
Semarang – Central Java
Contact Person : Dawn – 081325199211, Ibnu – 085353666133

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