4 Simple Steps to Create a Blog in WordPress

Creating a blog is not difficult. It only takes 4 simple steps. In this paper will explain steps to make a free blog with wordpress Indonesia through http://id.wordpress.com. Next step step.

Steps to 1

Open Address http://id.wordpress.com, will appear as shown below. Then click the button Register Now.

Steps to 2

Then enter the name of the blog that you want. If available and you can have, then there will be a green check mark. If not available (already there are others who use) it will display a red X mark. Enter your username (that will be used to login and make arrangements, create a new article, create new page, and other settings at wordpress.com)

Complete all the required fields. For password (password) give a fairly complex password, for example, a combination of letters and numbers, capital and small letters. After that click SIGN UP.

Steps to 3

The next step is you have to check your email (that you entered in Step 2 earlier), then check to see if there was an email from the email subject wordpres [WordPress.com] Activate http://nama_blog_anda.wordpress.com/ (the name of your blog), if there is open the email with the subject. While waiting for, fill Your First Name and Your Last Name, then about yourself, and press the Simpan Profil

The email content would be more or less like this,


Thank you for signing up with WordPress.com.

You are one step away from blogging at


Please click this link to activate your blog:


–The WordPress.com Team

(If clicking the link in this message does not work, copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser.)

Well, You can click on the activation link in your email, and you will be directed to a page that states wordpress blog you have activated. If the link does not work, simply copy and paste it into your browser's address bar.

Steps to 4

Once your blog is activated simply login to your blog via http://wordpress.com up will show a page like this.

Click on the menu My Account >> General Dashboard to access the page Dashboard You. In this Dashboard page you can start writing your article, and perform the display settings and so on. Your dashboard will be like this.

The explanation is as follows.


The menu is some feature that is often used as a post, page, comment, akismet (equipment / tools used to filter the comments) and other shortcuts.

Post :

This menu is used to view the article or Post (which has been written), then write a new article with the sub menu Add New. Adding categories and tags Post


This menu is used for image management, video, or other media


This menu is used for setting and managing the links or hyperlinks


This menu is used to create pages that are more static or rarely updated or that are applicable so as biographical data page and so on.


This menu is used to view the comments, moderate or organize comments (remove, Feedback, and maemasukkan into spam / junk comments)

Ratings and Polls:

Used to rank the management and polling


For setting the display and layout


For user settings, level security, and permissions.


For the management of equipment blog


For system settings on your blog

Well that's 4 easy steps to create a blog on the Internet WordPress.com


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