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Update Worddpress Without FTP,id

WordPress has always release regular updates to fix bugs or add features new features,,id,Some hosting providers sometimes have supported the auto upgrade wordpres ..,,id. Beberapa penyedia hosting terkadang telah mendukung fasilitas auto upgrade wordpress, namun beberapa diantaranya membutuhkan pengaturan FTP seerti berikut.   Cukup masukkan akun FTP Anda, dan update wordpress dapat dilakukan. Namun bagi pengguna yang tidak memiliki akun FTP ada cara lain yang…

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Update Worddpress Without FTP,id

WordPress senantiasa merelease update secara berkala untuk memperbaiki bug atau menambahkan fitur fi...

Windows 10 Update,en 2017 (April 2017)

Windows Operating Systems,,id,Update April,,en 10 Update April 2017 can be downloaded here,id

WhatsApp now increasingly used the audience to berkomunukasi with friends,,id,relatives,,id,colleagues or to open communication,,id,His position is almost replace SMS,,id,there are even some people who prefer to use WhatsApp,,id,WA,,ja,compared to SMS,,id,Features WA capable of connecting users with just a mobile phone number has become one of its simplicity,,id,However, this facility is also a danger,,ms,One drawback of WA is the number that we will still be displayed simpanpun profile photo,,id,when we communicate with the numbers,,id,reply message,,id,Weakness is utilized perpetrators of fraud,,id,Scam is often used by WA usually like this,,id,Perpetrators usually use photos of our friends got from facebook or group,,id, kerabat, kolega maupun untuk membuka komunika... Your WhatsApp users,,id,Fraud alert to this mode,,id? Waspada terhadap Modus Penipuan ini....